homeAbout USInvestorsManagementCompaniesPortfolio Investments is a simple search engine for providing free legal resources. The site is built on an advertising model, and has grown significantly since its inception in 1997.
LetterPOP is an online newsletter creation tool with a powerful email marketing component.  Use LetterPOP to create amazing visual communications that you can send to your mailing list, manage your contacts, and much more! 

Coastal Discount Realty
Coastal Discount Realty is an early stage web-based discount realty listing service servicing San Diego County. The business offers a flat fee MLS listing service, and ala carte real estate brokering services.

FileOnline.BIZ is a self-help legal filing service that offers users a means to file incorporation documents in any state. The site also allows users to request a copyright filing or a trademark filing. Useful information and links are provided to enable users to “help themselves” using the site.

GetinBusiness! is a resource center for small businesses, hosting the blog and podcast of Dana Robinson, entrepreneur, attorney and know-it-all.  Download Dana's inexpensive "GetinBusiness Guides" and grab free business and legal advice.  
Lexington Court Apartments
Lexington Court Apartments are in Downtown Phoenix, in the Roosevelt Arts District, surrounded by redeveloped properties. The apartments have been zoned for high rise, entitlements granted for redevelopment, and La Jolla Ventures plans to either develop the property with a development partner, or sell the property at an appreciated value.
Garfield Commons
Garfield Commons owns a 9 unit apartment complex that has received several grants for rehabilitation. The property has been through a City of Phoenix rehab construction grant, and was completed 2009.
Fieldcrest Investments
Fieldcrest Investments is a Lafayette, Louisiana real estate acquisition and development company. The company owns three parcels in Lafayette, and has completed a subdivision of 64 parcels on one lot that are currently under construction of low-priced single family homes.

Surya Rising
Surya Rising is the first app incubator to challenge its participants to launch an app within 90 days.  The participants bring their mobile apps and concepts to the company, where they are incubated and managed from inception to launch.  The company has 30 apps under development and in the iTunes app store.
ChristianAudio is the largest online publisher of Christian audio books. The company operates several publishing imprints, and sells audio books throughout the United States through retail book stores and other retail outlets. The company owns a proprietary “Audible style” downloadable audio book website where it offers its own products and third party products.
Esquivel Designs
Esquivel Designs is an Orange County based high end men’s shoe maker. George Esquivel, 2009 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, and shoe maker to rock stars and Hollywood elite, designs and manufactures bespoke footwear from its manufacturing plant in Southern California. The company has distribution in China through the Esquviel store in Beijing.  Find Esquivel shoes in Bergdorf Goodman NYC, Brown's London, and other fine stores.

Modern Cooperage
Modern Cooperage is a two year old manufacturer of patented wine barrel systems that provide a means to use a re-usable stainless barrel with the full exposure to oak staves.  Products are in testing with some of the largest wineries in the United States.
Cloud Canvas
Cloud Canvas is a browser application development platform, providing an array of browser based apps, as well as a platform for developers to deploy and monetize browser apps.  The CloudCanvas application platform allows 3rd party developers to build applications that run on other websites. By using CloudCanvas’s development platform, developers do not have to worry about cross-browser support (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer), and can focus on the application (not on the back-end technology).