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Crest Ventures seeks opportunities to invest in companies at various stages of growth. Our portfolio companies include real estate, web businesses, apparel, publishing and hardware. Click here to see our portfolio companies.

Crest Ventures approaches investing from three different angles:

  1. We make early stage investments with our own capital resources;
  2. We make bridge financing investments (loans or loans with warrants) through partner resources, either as a finance lender or as a broker;
  3. We co-invest as angel investors with other accredited investors. For more on investing, click here


Crest Ventures is involved in ongoing management and advising for most of its investments.  Crest Ventures engages in ongoing financial review of its portfolio investments, annual strategic planning, financing, and management decisions.  Crest also endeavors to provide the benefit of past experience to its entrepreneurs, and encourage inter-company relationships. 


Crest Ventures consults entrepreneurs, with a focus on M&A consulting for companies seeking investment or acquisition.  In cooperation with a FINRA licensee, Crest Partners offers other services for companies in the M&A context.

Investment banking services through ShP Securities, LLC .  Member FINRA /SIPC